Elite Leagues

Elite Leagues


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All players born between 2015-2008 will tryout May 24-26

All players born between 2007-2003 will tryout June 1-3


Staff Projections can be found below.  Additional staff for all leagues and levels will be announced in the coming weeks as well as all other pertinent information such as fee schedules, tryout times, etc.  Many of these updates are being delayed until we have a full scope of what each league entails for the 2021-22 year.

Tryout Registration

Tryout registration is OPEN as of 4/12/21 at noon.  Registration is easy and free for tryouts.  It's extremely important that all players register early.  We generally wait to set times for tryouts until we have an idea of the number of players trying out for each age group.  Our goal is to set times which allow for the most appropriate field space and staff coverage based on the size of the tryout pool.

More Info and Opportunities

We recommend that any player interested in our ECNL, ECNL Regional League, and/or SCCL Club Based programs attend our May 2nd ID/Information Clinic to meet the staff and learn more about the various leagues at GSA!  The May 2nd clinic is open to players born in 2009-2003.

For more information regarding our May 2nd ID/Info Camp - CLICK HERE

To register for tryouts, login or create an account by CLICKING HERE

ECNL Program

ECNL Program


Team / Age Group Coach Name Coach Email
09 Girls ECNL Craig Lovingood craig@gsasoccer.com
09 Boys ECNL Karl Hedley karl@gsasoccer.com
08 Girls ECNL Judson Hamby judson@gsasoccer.com
08 Boys ECNL Nuno Piteira nuno@gsasoccer.com
07 Girls ECNL Rusty Staggs rusty@gsasoccer.com
07 Boys ECNL Alex Wright alexwright@gsasoccer.com
06 Girls ECNL Drew Prentice drew@gsasoccer.com
06 Boys ECNL Dusty Fouser dusty@gsasoccer.com
05 Girls ECNL Campbell Chapman campbellchapman@gsasoccer.com
05 Boys ECNL Tom Wilson tom@gsasoccer.com
03/04 Girls ECNL Campbell Chapman campbellchapman@gsasoccer.com
03/04 Boys ECNL Steven Fraser steven@gsasoccer.com


SCCL Program

SCCL Program

Coming Soon ...

North/Dacula - Academy Program

GSA North Academy - Lead Coaches


North/Dacula Staff
Girls Director Nate Umberg - nate@gsasoccer.com
08U Girls Jeff Tinklepaugh - jeff@gsasoccer.com
09U Girls Jeff Tinklepaugh - jeff@gsasoccer.com
10U Girls Drew Prentice - drew@gsasoccer.com
11U Girls Nate Umberg - nate@gsasoccer.com
12U Girls Mike Burrell - mike@gsasoccer.com
12U Girls SCCL Mike Burrell - mike@gsasoccer.com
Boys Director Karl Hedley - karl@gsasoccer.com
08U Boys Tom Wilson - tom@gsasoccer.com
09U Boys Ricky Wolff - rickywolff@gsasoccer.com
10U Boys Anel Lilic - anel@gsasoccer.com
11U Boys Cameron Grassmyer - cameron@gsasoccer.com
12U Boys DeCou - stevedecou@gsasoccer.com
12U Boys SCCL Karl Hedley - karl@gsasoccer.com


South/Lilburn - Academy Program

South/Lilburn Program


South/Lilburn Staff
Girls Director Judson Hamby - judson@gsasoccer.com
08U Girls Jane Matejcik - jane@gsasoccer.com
09U Girls Jane Matejcik - jane@gsasoccer.com
10U Girls Craig Lovingood - craig@gsasoccer.com
11U Girls Carnel Creary - carnel@gsasoccer.com
12U Girls Judson Hamby - judson@gsasoccer.com
12U Girls SSCL Judson Hamby - judson@gsasoccer.com
Boys Director Dusty Fouser - dfouser@gsasoccer.com
08U Boys Tom Wilson - tom@gsasoccer.com
09U Boys Bryan Dominguez - bryan@gsasoccer.com
10U Boys Brandon Story - brandon@gsasoccer.com
11U Boys Jack Goldberg - jack@gsasoccer.com
12U Boys Travis Marx - travis@gsasoccer.com
12U Boys SCCL Dusty Fouser - dfouser@gsasoccer.com